Aviator Media Ltd published Aviator magazine 2012-2015. It was first digital only aviation magazine in Finland written in Finnish. It was great experiemce, but it should have been free, which was economically not possible at the time, so the magazine is on stand by mode. We had great team to make the magazine with Mr. Kusti Kairikko as editor-in-chief and Mr. Harri Tuononen as our chief designer. Harri's great lay-out work and design can be seen in every magazine. Several leading Finnish aviation writers were working with us. We still do special numbers on special occasion. Please contact Kusti for details: kusti (at) kairikko.com

Aviator 1/2021 sample issue

Aviator 1/2013

Aviator 2/2013

Aviator 3/2013

Aviator 4/2013

Aviator 5/2015

Aviator 1/2014 Tour de Sky Airshow special issue

Aviator 1/2015 Special SA-kuva issue

Aviator 2/2015 Turku Airshow special issue

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